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Simon Sells It

Assisting you with your stuff-disposal needs!

Are you moving, down-sizing, closing up a house, renovating, or just plain overwhelmed by your stuff? I can help you out. I have six plus years experience selling household goods through Craig’s List, E-bay, and the Boston community. I can help you.

Renovating a house?

Don’t pay your contractor to cart away your old appliances, cabinets, and fixtures. I can sell them for you, keeping your demolition bill to a minimum. Selling Re-Usable items cuts down on landfill usage, helping with a greener future.

Selling a home?

Don't pay the junk man to take away good sellable items. I can sell furniture and appliances for you. I can then help you to make arrangements to give usable items to charity.

Overwhelmed by stuff?

I can help you organize, sort through, throw away, and disperse excess items. I can also run a sale for you. Whether it’s a Moving Sale, Yard Sale, Garage Sale, Estate Sale, or Rummage Sale, it all translates to a less cluttered home and cash in hand.

Click here for a One Page Printable Flier .

Link to items I currently have for sale on Craig's List .

Spring has arrived and so has Yard Sale Season

Please stop by at any-or all of these upcoming Simon Sells It run Sales
May 20 + 21 - Channing Road, Concord
June 4th - Wright Road, Concord
June 11th - Water Street, Concord
Mid June in Westminster

Would you like to be on my emailing list?
I will let you know when I am running a household sale of goods or materials, or when I have a large number of items up on Craig's List. Send me a quick email note letting me know. I will never sell or give your email to anyone else for any purpose.


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